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Tomorrow is December? How did that happen


Sitting at our local coffee shop this morning it suddenly hit me, tomorrow is December 1, start of our Christmas traditions and I am not ready. Not even in the slightest!

1st of December is our ‘putting up the tree and decorating it and the loungeroom and the outside trees to within an inch of its life’ day. Christmas carols blasting, singing loudly and laughing, frustration of untangling the lights before the kids try put them on the tree, creation of my Tinsel Monsters as the kids wrap themselves up in it and try scaring me, champas for Mum and Dad, lemonade for the kids…..and photos of it all, lots of photos.

Christmas is such a special time to celebrate and reflect on life, family, faith and where has the time gone this year. Photos help me so much. Though I don’t scrapbook in the traditional sense as much now, at Christmas I do. It gives me a timeline to compare photos from previous years, how much has changed and how much stays the same. It is a time I feel especially connected to our world.

More and more, I make our Christmas presents. They may not be the biggest, best and flashiest of gifts but the truly come from us, not a last minute crazy rush throwing money at a cashier just to get ‘something’ for this person or that. I use to worry that handmade gifts was like me seeming to cheap to spend money on someone. Maybe it is age, but I don’t feel like that so much anymore. I have begun to respect myself as a creative soul and that has value beyond any paycheck for me. It has been a long time coming to this point. I feel like I am standing on a cliff edge here. One more step and I maybe I will fly and let my creative soul soar OR I will fall with my creative dreams in tatters and ego bruised. Anyone else felt like this?

Like I said, Christmas is a time of reflection for me, how about you?

I hope you managed to follow my ramblings and tangents in this blog. My writing, like my art, starts at one point and takes the scenic route to the end place which is more often than not, not where I was intending to go.

Cheers from one Rambling Mixed Media Blogging Artist.
BTW, I am going to post this before I chicken out of revealing too much of what goes on in my head…..


Thought for the Day



Quality of Being



To have faith in one’s achievements, there must be trust in oneself.

Knowing that all things flow from our own creativity, we can blame no one but ourselves for our failings.

Trusting our inner guidance, knowing our capabilities and accepting our limitations –

We must trust that all will be right, at the right moment in our lives.

We have wisdom, we have knowledge, we have the God within –

Let’s learn to trust that part of us and create a beautiful reality. 

Penny Houghton

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Inspired but exhausted


I went on my first artist retreat last weekend. 3 amazing days and long nights of creativity, laughter, learning and absorbing it all. We stayed at Norah Heads Lighthouse and the views were amazing.




Being on the coast we naturally had an ocean theme for our art journals.
These are still works in progress but I am really happy with them so far.



Looking forward to finishing them and binding this journal together.

Well hello fairies


I believe that fairies live in my garden, especially around my Dad’s roses bushes that now grow here. As a child I would build fairy houses in the front garden, gathering fallen (OK possibly shaken fresh off the bush but don’t tell Dad) rose petals for their beds. I spent hours playing with my fairy friends.
Now it seems some are coming back to play again ….




Recently we had a Japanese student stay with us here in Canberra. We hit it off straight away and had a great but way too short visit. We crammed SO much into those few days. Thankfully my kids Japanese and Toshiki’s English were good enough to get us through most things, and assisted with some crazy acting out by me as I know 3 words in Japanese! Toshiki was into art and architecture and I wanted to send something special home with him to remember his stay with us. So I drew this for him to take home. I think he liked it.


Today in my Art Room


Welcome to my Art Room Blog!
Today is just a quick “hello” and sharing of a small doodle I created this afternoon. I hope you like it. I will be blogging about my art and craft projects, ideas, total crash and burn attempts and hopefully lots of new art works being created.
But for now, here is today’s ‘inkie’