Confession of being overwhelmed with ideas


Confession Time: It is time for me to breathe and slow it down.
For the past few years I have used Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life Workbook. It has been a great way to step back from daily life and refresh myself and refocus. I have always done it at my own pace and in an art journalling form. It has has been a very soulful and private journey for me.
This year doing her Amazing Biz Workbook one as well has sent me into a spin. Partly as I am doing the process twice but also the overlapping between personal goals and business goals has become confusing. When working as an accountant, I had a solid separation of private and business life. But now starting to fulfil my creative side through my new business those boundaries have become blurred.
I am also bouncing off everyone’s enthusiasm and ideas on the Amazing Biz Workbook group I am on, sending my head into a whirlwind at times. It is an amazing group with such an array women running their own business across the world. Truly a wealth of knowledge and ideas.
I woke up this morning realising I need to approach the Biz one in a creative way. Build it from my soul outwards. My professional training and experience as an accountant was kicking in and taking over. I have been trying to subconsciously squeeze my Biz into a shape it is not meant to be. Yes I need to use my business experience but not yet, not in a way that is sets up a confirming and constricting framework for my creative needs. I need to find a better balance for this to work and fulfil my dreams and not stifle the creative essence of my being.
So today I literally went back to the drawing board… And painted it! Now it is time to start my vision and planning!



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