Monthly Archives: February 2014

What does success look like to me?


OK, how come this is such a complex and challenging question for me?
The flippant me automatically responds “a bigger house in the country, overseas travel and money without stress. Seriously, what is so hard to answer that one?”
But even as these thoughts race across my mind I know that is not it. This is the ideal that has been sold to me by TV, movies and the media for years. It feels off the mark and not enough. Definitely not enough.
So, what does success look like to me?
It is a question that involves alot of introspection of what is my purpose, my goals and the image I hold of myself. So my flippant side gives up and goes off to have a coffee and indulge in Pinterest. Classic avoidance tactic.
But the question just keeps coming back and niggling at me. What if I am successful? What if I fail? Well, how will I know if I have succeeded or failed if I do not even have a real idea of what I am aiming for. So again I ask myself, what does success look like to me? Sorry flippant self, if you are not willing to add something productive to this think fest then you can just check yourself out for a while. And off she goes to timeout in the corner. OK, now seriously, I can work this out. I have a BA in Commerce, for years I worked with clients doing this, I have worked in public and private sector, as an employee and a contractor. So why is this so difficult to turn those years of experience back on myself? Simple, accountancy has been a great career but being an artist is a vocation. Art is my essence. My art is an opening into the real me. This time, it’s personal.
Time to go really tackle this question. I will be back to let you in on this unexpected journey….