Too long between posts…


So much going on and a lake full of excuses for not blogging for so long.
I can blame my new addiction to FanFiction (thank you very much dearest teenage daughter of mine!) for some of it. I think I have read more fiction in the past month than I have in the past 10 yrs! So nice to get back to reading for pleasure and escapism rather than my sole (and soul) focus on Autism , Aspergers and therapies.
Between reading and drawing, I can almost start to glimpse my old self. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I like who I have grown into and the realisation that I am a much stringer person than I ever imagined. But to get back in touch with this part of me is like meeting an old friend. Comfortable straight away and so much to catch up on. Rebuilding connections in my head, heart and soul. Finding some balance in my life that has felt out if kilter for too long.
So heres to finding yourself in such a busy, confusing world that we live in.
…. Now excuse me as I read some more Klaine FanFiction…..


About twistyrobdesigns

Local artist and rambling blogger of life. I love experimenting with my art, trying new techniques, upcycling and art journalling. Throw my eclectic tastes into the mix with bringing up a family and who knows where my rambling blogs will go.

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