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Moments of clarity


It is there. Suddenly appears in my thoughts. It is there.
Amongst my racing thoughts and constant chatter, it is there.
Like a crystal clear droplet, it is there.
It grows and pushes the other thoughts away, forcing itself into existence in a crowded space.
It is what is I have been wanting, desperate for answers, it is there.
So crystal clear. Just forming slowly, bring a sense of balance, of peace to the clutter on my mind, it is there.
But as soon as I realise its presence, it moves out of reach.
That crystal clear moment, that sought after clarity.As much I try I can not reach it but it is still there.
The more I focus the more it retreats.
My mind makes a sudden grab. That moment of clarity I have been so desperately seeking has gone. Engulfed suddenly by the messy clutter of my thoughts, the chatter rises again and it is lost forever.
It is no longer there.

RLF, 29-3-15