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From my sketchbook


Lately I have been spending alot of time with my sketchbook and thought I would share some WIP with you.





Art journaling is definitely my “go to therapy” for when my head goes into more somber mode.


Last Chance to get into my Facebook Page giveaway!!


Last chance to enter my Facebook Page giveaway!
Just follow this link to my page and follow the instructions by 9pm tonight Australian Eastern Day Light Saving Time.

Link to the Original facebook giveaway post

Beginning my biggest “inkie” artwork.



Finally I have made time to start this new art project. It is going to be a challenge as it will be my biggest hand drawn “inkie” design (actually 3 interlinked designs) combined  with mixed media and vibrant colour on canvas.

I have to admit, though this is daunting, I am so damn excited to get started.  I have had ideas and images for this piece circulating in my head for a while and lately, it has ramped up so much it is like a hurricane.  I just hope that I can get those ideas out onto paper and it looks like what I want it to look like.  It is the feeling I really want to translate onto paper, the images will change I know and hopefully morph into something that projects the essence of what I want.

So here are a couple of pics of the prep design sketch.

My first arty giveaway on Facebook


I am excited that my art seems to be connecting to people out there. It has been a GIANT leap of faith for me to share outside of close family and friends so thanks everyone for your support.

I have so many ideas growing inside that I feel like I am going to burst. It has been along time since I felt so alive with ideas, I love it!

Art is such a personal experience for the creator and the viewer. As such, not all art is appealing to every person. But knowing that my art which gives me so much whilst I am creating, can also make someone else’s heart sing is real buzz and inspiration to do and share more.

So please pop on over and like my Facebook page, leave a comment in my “Giveaway’ post and share my page with your friends to be entered into my art giveaway when I reach 200 “likers”.

Cheers from your buzzy, rambling arty blogger Rob xxxx

Tears are so complicated


This original artwork of mine has just been listed for sale on my facebook page

Also, this design is available as cards or prints from my shop at Red Bubble
A small but growing selection of my work is also now available through Red Bubble so please pop on over and have a look!




Recently we had a Japanese student stay with us here in Canberra. We hit it off straight away and had a great but way too short visit. We crammed SO much into those few days. Thankfully my kids Japanese and Toshiki’s English were good enough to get us through most things, and assisted with some crazy acting out by me as I know 3 words in Japanese! Toshiki was into art and architecture and I wanted to send something special home with him to remember his stay with us. So I drew this for him to take home. I think he liked it.


Today in my Art Room


Welcome to my Art Room Blog!
Today is just a quick “hello” and sharing of a small doodle I created this afternoon. I hope you like it. I will be blogging about my art and craft projects, ideas, total crash and burn attempts and hopefully lots of new art works being created.
But for now, here is today’s ‘inkie’